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Milan Debière

A ligh solar trailer where you could charge your phone for free on events. It could also be used for NGO or after emergency situations to bring electricity (like flooding/earthquake/...)

Milan Debière


is based on a friend's experience:

"At Ardentes 2022, my battery ran out before running into DAMSO. I wish there had been a free charging point nearby to take a selfie."

Maarten, psychology student at VUB

THOR = 2500 smartphones recharged/day

Milan Debière

Up to 80 smartphones simultaneously

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Initially THOR was designed to provide access to electricity in emerging countries However to install it for free sponsors are necessary

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1 station = 230 reused


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a whole season


20,000 CO2-free smartphones recharged

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Lightweight : 350kg

and foldable : 200cm*100cm*90cm

1.4kw of solar panel

10kw/h of battery

100% produced by local companies

Milan Debière

The trailer has the capability to operate in extreme environments, providing crucial electricity during crisis situations such as floods, earthquakes, and more.

It serves as a versatile solution, offering a 4G hotspot, powering essential tools, lighting, aiding logistics, and even driving a water pump when needed.

If your NGO, association, or event requires sustainable off-grid electricity solutions or you want to sponsor us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us !